Real Property Lease

We have our own network of valuers and notaries public, which ensures the proper quality of services provided to you. Fixed rental fees and a transparent price policy!


Leased assets
Leased assets

may include commercial real properties, stand-alone buildings, as well as business premises

Rental fees in operating lease
Rental fees in operating lease

are in full tax-deductible costs

To use the real property
To use the real property

you don’t have to purchase it

Simplified procedures
Simplified procedures

and financing without unnecessary analyses

The agreement
The agreement

concluded at the customer’s offices or an EFL branch office

Finance terms & conditions

Type of leased asset
Commercial real properties, warehouse & logistics centres, offices, business premises
Type of lease
Capital, operating
Initial rental payment
from 20%
Agreement term
from 120 months
Maximum transaction value
up to PLN 10,000,000
Interest rate
fixed / floating

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