Machines & Equipment Lease

A safe and quick way to get finance for your investment projects with a practical package of additional services


Instant approval

up to PLN 1,000,000 net

24 hours

and not any longer for us in order to handle all the formalities

The agreement

concluded at the customer’s offices

Feel free to change the amount of rental fees

via the Internet in “Leasing Swobodny”

100% of VAT

Finance terms & conditions

Finance terms & conditions
New and second-hand machines & equipment, including: construction machinery, plastic and metal treatment plant, printing machines, machines for food industry, commercial catering & kitchen equipment, forklift heavy-duty vehicles, other machines & equipment
Type of lease
Capital, operating
Leased asset value
from PLN 1,000
Initial rental payment
from 0%
Lease term - capital lease
up to 84 months
Lease term - operating lease
up to 84 months
Documents required
Company registration documents, ID card, National Official Business Registry No. (REGON) and tax identification no. (NIP) certificates, PIT and CIT returns that evidence your last 12-months’ income, a tax clearance certificate from a tax office showing that you have not got into arrears with statutory payments