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Important information

Important information

Behind the complaint is considered speech addressed to the Lessor /Lessee by the Lender/Borrower, in which the lessee/borrower has reservations about the service provided by the lessor / Lender.

Where and how to lodge a complaint

A complaint may be lodged in every unit of the Lessor / Lender providing services to customers


to the address: or via the website:, or through the EFL Customer Portal (in the case of customers having an active EFL Customer Portal service),

By mail

by letter according to Art. 3 item 21 of the Postal Law Act dated 23 November 2012 (Journal of Laws item 1529) to the address of the Lessor’s Headquarters/Lender’s Headquarters:
pl. Orląt Lwowskich 1, 53-605 Wrocław


by telephone at the number: 71 769 31 99 or in person during a Customer’s visit to the Lessor’s Headquarters / Lender’s Headquarters

In writing

in person, in particular at the Lessor’s Headquarters / Lender’s Headquarters, at the address:
pl. Orląt Lwowskich 1, 53-605 Wrocław


The Lessor/Lender processes the complaint and gives the Lessee/Borrower a reply in writing without undue delay, not later however than within 30 days in receipt of the complaint. The deadline is met if the reply is sent before its expiry. The Lessor’s/Lender’s reply may be provided to the Lessee/Borrower by electronic mail only at the Lessee’s/Borrower’s request.

Special cases

In particularly complexed cases preventing the processing of the complaint and giving a reply within 30 days, the Lessor/Lender will provide the Lessee/Borrower with information in which it will:

  • explain the reason for the delay
  • demonstrate the circumstances which need to be clarified to process the case
  • specify the estimated date of processing the complaint and giving a reply, which may not be longer than 60 days from receipt of the complaint

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