If your fleet expands continuously, look for the most optimum sources of car financing.

Long-term rental of vehicles is an effective solution. It consists of leasing cars to a company, without the obligation to buy it after the termination of the agreement. Long-term rental is a good alternative to a car loan or leasing.

You do not bear the risk related to the use of vehicles or deprecation of their value.

You will save money and time which you can devote to the effective development of your business activity.

Choose long-term rental if:

Choose long-term rental if:

  • you want to have a fixed monthly rent throughout the entire term of the agreement
  • you need a modern fleet and want to use new cars
  • you do not want to buy cars and get involved with their resale
  • you want to have the possibility to deduct VAT and rent for the vehicles
  • you want to receive services from a fleet company with regard to: repairs after accidents, vehicle inspections, insurance, claims adjustment, requirements regarding car registration, providing a replacement car.

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