Our processes:

Our processes:


  • Duplicate invoice
  • Collective invoice
  • Postponement of the payment date


  • The schedule is broken down by capital and interest
  • Change of the instalments payment date
  • Change of the schedule
  • Free leasing
  • Spreading of the deposit into instalments

Changes to the agreement:

  • Change of company data
  • Assignment of the agreement to another entity
  • Transformation/change of personal composition
  • Lending the object to another company
  • Inheritance continuation
  • Providing additional equipment to the subject of the agreement
  • Warranty repair

Termination of the agreement:

  • Timely termination of the agreement
  • Earlier termination of the agreement
  • Termination of the agreement after a total loss

Documents and declarations:

  • Opinion about the Customer
  • Authorisation to go abroad/authorisation to use
  • Duplicate of the leasing agreement
  • Other documents
  • Bill of exchange

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